AFRIQCUT Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet Technology

Waterjet cutting machines force a high velocity water stream containing abrasives through a jeweled orifice.  This action leads to an extremely high-pressure fine jet of water which can virtually cut any material.  This combination of water pressure, abrasives, and high velocity, erode the workpiece creating the cut.  Abrasive waterjet cutting is an excellent choice for profile cutting of nearly any kind of material up to a thickness of 100mm. 

Waterjet Advantages

Waterjet cutting maintains tolerances that are comparable to laser cutting.  Among its many benefits, water jet cutting is environmentally friendly. 

  • No hazardous gases or liquids provide a safe working environment.
  • The jets produce no hazardous waste or emissions.
  • The jets require a minimal amount of water, which is also fully recyclable.
  • The garnet abrasive is a non-toxic natural substance.
  • No heat affected zone nearly eliminates the need for secondary operations
  • Narrow kerf.
  • High precision allows for intricate cuts.
  • Quantities range from a single piece to high production.
  • To tooling changes.
  • Fast set-up.
  • CNC technology ensure that a high level of accuracy (0.15mm tolerance) and repeatability can be maintained. 

Unique materials that will benefit from waterjet cutting, are the following:

Hardox, Armox, Bennox, Armour plate, brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, tungsten, tool steels, foam, rubber, vinyl, glass, armoured glass, stone, plastics, Polycarp, polyethylene, Plexiglas, marble, laminates.  (Most of these materials can be cut up to heights of 80mm – 100mm.

Waterjet cutting can also be used to cut the normal mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. (Up to a thickness of 80mm)
Waterjet Cut Tile
Waterjet Cut Vinyl
Waterjet Twin Cutting Heads
Waterjet Cutting Steel - 80mm Height