Our primary specialty and focus is waterjet profile cutting. It is often the only professional cutting solution available to reflective metals and unique materials.

A vast majority of our projects require additional cutting solutions that is more suited to quicker and more cost-effective laser and plasma cutting solutions. Our secondary in-house services include assembly, fabrication and machining to provide a one-shop answer to your need.

Our professional profile cutting and related services is all focused about you.

Providing exceptional quality and cost effective solutions in a timely manner and bundled together in our service excellence package will have you back time and again. We aspire to save you money and precious time that we all need to manage more effectively to get more done.

We master our time schedules by maximising the process and workflow for every given project. We do advice the best solution for you which unfortunately does at times mean that we do not take on the project. However, once we have accepted your project, you have our total and utter commitment to delivering our services on time.

Our vast experience and knowledge in our field of expertise will certainly be the clincher when deciding who you will appoint your project to.

For a more detailed overview of each cutting service we offer, our procedures and our requirements, kindly use the navigation to the left.

We look forward to setting up our initial appointment.

Waterjet Twin Cutting Heads
Waterjet Cutting Operator
Waterjet Cutting - 25mm Granite