AFRIQCUT Laser Cutting And Engraving Services

Our small 100 Amp hobbyist laser can cut thin materials as well as engraving on specific materials.

The size of the cutting bed is 1100 x 850mm with a depth of 300 mm. The laser work is done purely on a two-dimensional plane.

We have a large variety of pre-made designs that you may choose from and customise to your exact needs. We can also assist in the creation of new designs for a one-of-a-kind and unique item.

We are very comfortable to work with your image files that have been authored in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and AutoCAD. Our graphic design and art skills is ample for non-complicated images and sufficient to produce the laser files necessary to cut or engrave your perfect masterpiece.

Some materials that can be successfully cut and engraved include:

Leather - up to 3mm, Wood - up to 6mm, Acrylic - up to 4mm, Laser suited plastics, Styrofoam, Styrene, Mylar, Rubber, Fiberglass, Hobby resins, Neoprene, Pressboard, Foam board and Wood Veneers.

Materials suitable for engraving include:

Melamine, Ceramics, Tile, Marble and Glass.

We do not laser cut any of the following materials:

Metals, Polycarbonate, PVC, Vinyl, Glass, Fiberglass, Printed circuit boards, Carbon fiber.

Unfortunately, products containing vinyl cannot be laser cut or engraved.

Laser Cut Pattern
Laser Engraving On leather
Laser Cut Persplex