Design Requirements – Delivering A Better Service

At Afriqcut we can cut any 2D design in a variety of metals and unique materials. The cutting process is computer numerically controlled (CNC) to ensure a very high level of accuracy.

File Formats:

We can work from your computer file, drawing or a sketch. However, for the most efficient and precise cut, an electronic file in these formats is preferred:

  • CAD Drawings
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • DSF
  • DSX
  • DXR
  • CDR
  • AI

These files must be accompanied by a dimensioned drawing in PDF format. Quantities and material specifications can be written on the DXF file or supplied in a spreadsheet format.

Measurements on the CAD drawings or the PDF files are crucial to make sure the drawings are on scale.

In-House Drafting

To assist you with our in-house service, we can also help you with the drafting to get your drawings to spec and ready for our machines to do your profile cutting. Drawings are done using Solid Works at an extra cost.

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