One of the Largest Waterjet Cutting Surfaces
In-House Fabrication Service


Afriqcut was established in 2006.  Our primary goal is to waterjet cut virtually any kind of material, some of it up to 100mm thick.  Afriqcut is a full service broker of job shop services.  Secondary operations can be outsourced locally through our highly competent vendors. 

Afriqcut is one of two waterjet cutting machines in South Africa that uses a 6X3m bed with 2 cutting heads.  The advantage of the bed is that material can be used to its utmost cutting potential and the waste is minimized.  Using the two cutting heads, cutting time can be reduced nearly by halve.


Afriqcut is committed to the production of high quality graphics and parts that consistently meet or exceed your expectations. We serve you with integrity, honesty and the highest quality of workmanship. Afriqcut can also help you with projects that require unusual design or engineering solutions.


Afriqcut and its trusted vendors strive to help you with project evaluation, design engineering, visual communications and delivering of projects in a timely manner.  We also recognise the importance of providing quality products at a reasonable price.


Our vision is to expand our level of service to become a full in-house one stop company.

Waterjet Cutting using CNC Sigmanest Programming
Waterjet Cut Aluminium - 120mm Height